Oscar’s Belles

I love red carpet events, and the Oscars is the ultimate. Last night was no exception, and I stayed up way past my bedtime checking out the frocks. Two really stood out for me, and looking at the them today, I think they reflect my opposing alter-egos.

On one side there is the vintage rock and roll glamour of Florence Welch, and on the other, the demure gorgeous Hepburnesque vibe of Michelle Williams. Both look fabulous in their unique styles.

Who made you sit up and take notice, and what does that reflect about you?

Images taken from Marie Claire

Jo - I thought MW looked gorgeous too. Meanwhile Cameron Diaz? No no no, even she with her great figure looked too old for that outfit.

Carol - I didn’t watch the Oscars last night :-( Way past my bed time. I love Michelle Williams, she’s a fantastic and subtle actress.

(love the new site btw)

Kirsten Mavric - I didn’t watch last night but of those two, definitely Michelle. So classic.

Lucy Stendall - I love Michelle’s hair and dress, fantastic. Very old hollywood! I love the new site too x

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