Oxfordshire Pre-Wedding Shoot: Introducing Dexter

Oxfordshire pre wedding shoot

It’s officially the start of wedding season for us, and this weekend we had two pre-wedding shoots.
On Saturday we were in rural Oxfordshire, and despite a dire start to the day, the sun came out and the clouds parted to reveal a glorious blue sky for us when we needed it most.


And then there was Dexter.   Now I warn you, I am a sucker for dogs, and when they’re this cute the camera gets a little distracted…


Yes, he will be at the wedding too.

Lucy Stendall - Oh I absolutely love dexter..the heart breaker! If these two ever need a dogsitter, point them my way will you Pen? Can’t wait to see him at the wedding, please say he’ll be ring bearer, that would be toooo cute!

Sorry, got distracted…these photos are so film like in their quality, and colours, I just love them, especially the silhouette…wow!x

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