Amanda & David: Stonehenge Handfasting Ceremony


Two weeks ago we had the pleasure of capturing Amanda and David’s intimate handfasting ceremony.  This was our first experience of a handfasting which was made even more special by taking place in the inner circle of Stonehenge.  I know!  Pretty amazing, right?  Even the 4am start (the ceremony was at 8am) and the drizzly grey sky couldn’t dampen our excitement… or theirs!

Amanda and David knew from the moment they first visited the ancient monoliths when they were dating, that this would be the place they made their life commitment to each other; and it’s easy to see why.  Standing amongst the iconic stones you cannot help but be filled with a sense of awe and history; and as only their closest family and friends encircled them with love, the ceremony was truly special.


I loved how Amanda and David wrote the ceremony themselves, and filled it with what was meaningful to them.   They had an exchange of swords which is an Anglo-Saxon tradition whereby the groom hands over his ancestral sword to his wife as a symbol of  protection; and she in turn gives him her family’s ancestral sword, or a new sword, with which he can protect himself.   David also gave Amanda a set of keys which is a symbol of shared property and possessions both materially and emotionally… so beautiful.


The morning finished with an actual wedding breakfast, and instead of a cake, the couple had a berry-filled sumptuous pancake stack!


Thank you Amanda and David for having us capture this important day for you.