Abi & Aled: London Pre-Wedding Shoot

When I first spotted Abi and Aled in the distance I got a little giddy with excitement. Not only did their outfits colour-complement each other perfectly – but, oh. my. god. check out those adorable yellow pumps! I just knew immediately what an amazing bride Abi will be, and yeah, that gets me excited!

Abi and Aled chose a casual stroll along South Bank for their pre-wedding shoot, as this is a stones throw from where they live, and where they enjoy spending a lot of their time together. Unfortunately after a crazy few weeks of amazing weather, the sky was a little grey with the threat of rain; but on a positive note it meant the streets were a little less crowded, and gave us more opportunities to get some cute shots of the two of them.

When I was younger I loved Elisabeth Shue in the Karate Kid (am I showing my age?) and Abi really reminded me of her, just even prettier! And her hair! I LOVE her hair! If this is how amazing she looks for a casual pre-wedding shoot, I cannot wait to see her on the big day. Can. Not. Wait.