Sas & Ash: The Olde Bell, Hurley Wedding

In this last year, as our business has really grown, I’m realising that photographing weddings is a lot harder than I could have imagined (yes, I admit I did naively think it was simply about taking great pictures on someone’s special day) and I seriously didn’t consider the physical, mental and emotional weight carried in that responsibility. Don’t get me wrong, despite being exhausted at times, I am definitely not complaining, it was just a big revelation this year; but not a bad one. The second is, when you put the word “friend” in front of said wedding, that sense of responsibility goes off the scale!

Sas is a dear, dear friend I met through this crazy World of blogging. Before this I was simply a blogger, a seeker in many ways, looking for my path and to connect with others on a similar journey. I blogged my random inconsistent musings, some I’m proud of, some I’m not so sure; yet somehow through that, I was blessed to connect with seven amazingly talented, creative, smart, beautiful, wise women. So when Sas asked us to officially capture her day, it was both an honour and terrifying in equal measures. Letting anyone down is bad enough, but the fear of letting Sas (and by proxy the BBC too) down was tough, and triggered all my insecurities into overdrive.

On the day however, the professional, and the friend in me worked in tandem; and I hope together we managed to capture a glimpse of the joyous and beautiful day it was, filled with laughter, close friends and family, country flowers, music, revolutionary cakes, and jolly good food.

You can see more images and a slideshow of Sas and Ash’s day here.