Yim & Chris: Stoke Newington Town Hall & Londesborough Pub Wedding

I connected with Yim from her first email to me back in the tail end of 2010, and I was excited by the fact there would be a Chinese infusion into her British Town Hall wedding and Cool Britannia pub reception. Of course when we met Yim and Chris for their pre-wedding shoot, our image of this groovy London couple was only cemented further, so we’ve been looking forward to this day ever since.

Yim got ready at the Rose and Crown across the road from the Stoke Newington Town Hall where the ceremony would be taking place. I thought it was adorable Mr Wong still insisted on having a car drive Yim round the block (as opposed to having her just cross the road) because he felt it was an important tradition for the bride to arrive in a car with her father. In fact Mr Wong was the perfect Father of the Bride, chauffeuring not only his daughter to the ceremony, but using it to rescue the Best Man at the 11th hour when, yes, he left the rings at home! Classic; and needless to say that was a source of much ribbing for the rest of the day (and quite possibly the rest of his life)

After the ceremony, everyone took a short walk to the Londesborough pub where the Chinese flavours of the day became more apparent. Big red paper lanterns hung from the ceiling, and tables were adorned with flowers in old tins of tea; but what I really loved was when Yim and Chris were led round each of the tables so that guests may toast them. Because this is no simple raise of the glass, but instead it’s the loudest and longest cheer of “Yuuuuummmmm Siiiiinnnng” (Chinese “Cheers”) the table can muster. It was brilliant, as each table was determined to raise the bar, in that moment the joy was not just palpable, it was audible.

You can see more images and a slideshow of their day here.

Oh and can I just say The Londesborough currently holds The Best Food we’ve had this season prize. Delicious!!