Sam & Joe: London Beloved pre-wedding shoot

Recently we’ve been asking our couples, where possible, if they would consider having their pre-wedding shoot done at home.

I passionately believe this will give the images much more context in 10, 20, 30 years time; when you remember doing a pre-wedding shoot, but you’ve long forgotten the true layout of that living room, or the trinkets you used to keep on your dresser. I know you’ll savour the images for the hundreds of memories the background details hold, and they will mean so much more to you than simply a pre-wedding shoot.

I won’t lie, it’s also a fab opportunity for me to have a good nosey in your home (I wanted to be an estate agent once upon a time, just so I could have a good ol’ ganders at other people’s homes) but it is also about getting a greater insight into you. You can learn so much about someone, about a couple, from their home; and this all informs our photography on the big day itself…

So when we walked into Sam and Joe’s house, we just knew.
Their wedding is going to be awesome.