Laura & Will: London pre-wedding shoot

Laura is my dream bride. I’m afraid I cannot reveal anymore than that in case Will should happen upon the blog; but suffice to say, I cannot wait until their big day. In the meantime, feast your eyes on their loveliness and see if you are not equally charmed by this wonderful couple.

“In retrospect, Laura and I were lucky we ever met. Picture two people who don’t yet know each other, both of whom have had exhausting days, both with the opportunity to just write off the remaining few hours and curl up on the sofa with a cup of tea to watch whatever happens to be on the box. Everyone knows that feeling. Tempting, isn’t it to just not get all dressed up, not catch a tube all the way to Islington and not go to that birthday party in a pub that you’ve never been to before? That’s exactly how we both felt. And somehow we were both persuaded by our friends to haul ourselves out for the evening… Flash forward a couple of hours, factor in some 60’s/70’s soul magic, add a flourish of eye-catching dancing and an incident involving a spilt drink, and the rest as they say is history!”

“I knew that there was something special about Laura the moment I met her. She has a sense of humour that is at once kind and cheeky. She is incredibly amiable and exudes the kind of confidence that comes from having an innate understanding of people. She is genuine and happy. She is decisive and beautiful and, at the risk of going on too much, she is generally awesome! Somehow in describing that first meeting to Pen and Cam I put all of these things together and came up with the crazy idea that she was ‘dangerous’! Perhaps it was the cheekiness and decisive bossiness that did it? Or perhaps it was the fact that she could swear like a proper cockney?!” (I just love this. Love, love, love how Will sees Laura)

“After I’d decided I wanted to pop the question to Laura, I went through the same thing I’m sure everyone goes through – how can I make this perfect? I considered a number of options until it dawned on me…

Laura and I love Berlin. In fact, we love it so much that we’ve been there almost once a year since we met. One of our favourite things in Berlin is an old black and white photo booth that stands on Kastanienallee in Prenzlauer Berg. We usually visit this rather dishevelled looking relic from the 70’s at least once while we’re there to pull silly faces. The long running game is to come up with a storyboard effect across the 4 shots, akin to a flicker book or comic. So what better way to capture the most important moment of our life together! It seemed like the perfect idea. We’d have a series of shots that captured my presentation of the engagement ring, Laura’s surprise and the ensuing celebrations. That was the theory anyway …

My advice to anyone choosing a similar venue to propose to your loved one? 1. Make sure you know how long it is between putting money in the slot and the first photo being taken – this will avoid a photo of the top of your head as you go for the ring box concealed in the bag at your feet! 2. Hold the ring high enough for it to be in the frame, otherwise your second photo will look like you’re just staring at each other… and (the third frame) instead of capturing the moment she takes the ring, will look a bit like she’s reaching over to pick some lint off of your shoulder! 3. Oh, and my top tip – Make sure that when you kneel you don’t leave one leg trailing out of the booth. You might trip a passer-by!”

“Originally we wanted a small, low key affair but realised that wasn’t going to happen as soon as we started to write the lists! We now have a fair number of family and friends coming along, which is great of course. We’re hoping for a relaxed day with lots of laughs and some great moves on the dance floor, probably being led by Laura’s Dad!”

Roll on April!