Polly & John: Berkshire Wedding

There are many reasons we love photographing weddings, and they vary from wedding to wedding, from couple to couple. All are fabulous, but all are unique, and what we take away from them is different each time. With Polly and John, all the main ingredients were there – the soft pastel flowers, the elegant dress, the thoughtful, really thoughtful, details – and we loved it all; but what I enjoyed above everything was their company.

You know, when you meet someone for the first time, and they immediately put you at ease effortlessly, by being warm and open? That’s Polly. From the first time I met her, as she walked up the gravel drive to meet me, with the widest smile on her face – I knew it. And when nearly two hours passed with our girly chats in her parents back garden; I was sure.

Polly’s genuine embrace mixed with John’s calm sincerity makes this couple truly wonderful, and so it was too on their wedding day.