Mady & Geoff: Lobster Shack Whitstable Wedding

You know how some moments are electric, when the emotion in a room is so charged, that you quite literally feel it in your body? That’s what Mady and Geoff’s first dance was like. The joy not just between them, but from every single person in the room was palpable, and as they ran in to encircle the happy couple, it was a moment I will remember for a long, long time.

That, and Geoff singing Marry You to Mady (with Rick Astley on drums!)
Yeah, this was a pretty awesome wedding.

Kirsten - AWESOME!!! I love the shot of her dress flying up.

Katharine Peachey - Delightful! Gorgeous colours and bags of emotion perfectly captured! Particularly love that one of them on the jetty.

Dasha - Such a lovely lovely wedding! I was smiling from start to finish :) So beautiful))

Annabel, Love My Dress Wedding Blog - Just adore everything about this. Absolutely wonderful stuff. And RICK ASTLEY TOO!!! ;)


Catherine - Oh what a beautiful day, superbly captured and love the location for the couple shots – amazing!

Tarah Coonan - Beautiful. What a pretty, cosy wedding. I love the photos of the boys walking, and of them dancing, all of them tell the story so well. And what a stunning dress!

Elizabeth | Bridal Musings - Oh how lovely! The love wasn’t just felt in the room, it’s seeping out of these beautiful, emotive photos too.

Roxanne Galpin - Lovely. Simply lovely.

Martin Hemsley - What a lovely looking ‘rustic’ day. Not sure that makes sense, but the whole day has wonderful character. Great coverage.

Victoria - So much fun and laughter in this collection of images! Beautiful work.

louise | b.loved - You are so talented at capturing such pure emotion! What a beautiful day xo

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