Emma & Philip: Cripps Barn Wedding

Our first wedding of 2012 and I was surprisingly nervous. The fact that it was grey and rainy did not help, and having not had the opportunity to meet Emma and Philip before this big day, just added to it. Of course the moment we arrived at our respective locations, the love of what we do just took over again, and Emma and Philip certainly set the bar high for the season ahead! From the room Emma was getting ready in (I want to spend the night there! Check out the glimpse of the bathroom below!) to her simply perfect dress, from incredible earrings to emerald green bridesmaid dresses paired with vintage stoles – I was in heaven!

I loved everything about this Winter wedding, and Emma and Philip totally achieved something stylish and elegant whilst keeping the atmosphere fun and relaxed. Even the rain couldn’t dampen the spirits here! And later, when the sun came out, it was just as it should be.

Lisa - This is beautiful! Makes me so excited about my first wedding of this year.

ed peers - Super work guys…

** Wedding Inspiration ** Gorgeous Green Tones - [...] ? Bridesmaid dresses {Photography by: McKinley-Rodgers} [...]

Kaz - Pen. Cam… The old guy reading the program…stellla shot

Jenna & Gareth: Stratford pre-wedding shoot

Although we probably meet the majority of our couples for the first time at the pre-wedding shoot, I did actually get the chance to meet Jenna and Gareth before that. It’s rare that I make long journeys without Cam, but this was one of them, so you can imagine my horror when nearly 100 miles from home I realised I had left my mobile phone at home! I never realised how much I relied on my phone until then, and I will admit, mild panic set it. Add to the fact I had said to Jenna I would ring her when I was at our meeting place, it made my whole day spin slightly out of control. Anyhow, I pulled into a nearby services and found a telephone box (I cannot remember the last time I used one of these!) and thankfully had Jenna’s number scribbled down. I won’t even bore you with the details of how I struggled to call Cam (his work number being stored in my phone and not my head!) Suffice to say the whole experience was very stressful!

Anyway, the point of this whole story is… when I turned up to meet Jenna and Gareth, they came armed with a pay-as-you-go phone for me. As luck and kindness would have it, they happen to run a mobile phone business, and oh how I totally adored them from that moment on!

Jenna and Gareth met at work in the summer of 2004, united over salsa (dancing, not the dip!) Gareth charmed Jenna with his travel stories and soon after they started collecting their own travel adventures, beginning with a very romantic holiday to Prague. From thereon, a long distance romance was borne, and every Friday evening Jenna would drive to Surrey and then get up at 4am every Monday morning to drive straight to work in Newcastle-Under-Lyme or vice versa when Gareth would stay with her. This went on for four months until Jenna managed to get another job within a company based in Surrey and moved in with Gareth over Christmas.

“Nearly 7 years later Gareth booked a surprise weekend away in Stratford-upon-Avon. It was the weekend celebrations of William Shakespeare’s Birthday. We had a lovely day, lots of laughter, great food and then we went for a walk along the river to walk some of the food off! I was wearing Gareth’s jacket over my shoulders which surprises me looking back because the ring box was in the inside pocket. It was just us, Gareth spoke some lovely words to me of how much I meant to him, reached in to his jacket pocket and then got down on one knee! It was a complete surprise! We spent the rest of the evening drinking lots of bubbly and sharing our great news. We had an amazing weekend!” It only seemed apt to revisit this location for the pre-wedding shoot!

Other than saving me and reconnecting me with the mobile world the day we met, Jenna also saved me from missing the start of the new series of Grey’s Anatomy!  I don’t know which I am more grateful for!

These guys have a relaxed and fun celebration planned, with a great band and lots of dancing.  Having spent the afternoon with them, we know they will be definitely having all that and more. And can I say it?  We can’t wait!

Debs - Pen I adore this shoot so much. The story with the phone, the absolute adoration they have for each other… the light. Just beautiful!

Picture Perfect

“We fit together so well…it’s like pieces of a puzzle, the way your hand fits the curve of my hip and the way my head rests on your shoulder, the way our hands just melt into one, and the way I feel complete when I’m with you…like the picture’s finally completed and I’ll never have to wonder what I’m missing.” – e.e. cummings

Reaching into the cupboard for a mug, I was hit with a familiar wave of melancholy I usually get on Sunday night, at the end of the weekend, knowing Cam had to go back to work on Monday. But then I realised… No more. Seriously, I cannot tell you how utterly amazing it was to realise this is it. This is the life we have talked about. A life where we get to spend every day together with the freedom to do what we want, supporting ourselves by doing what we love. Wow, what a lucky, lucky, position to be in; and believe me, I have literally pinched myself a few times this week to just check it is really true.

So the first week of The Rest of Our lives has been like that. A little like a dream, a little like a holiday. We grin at each other with looks of “can-you-believe-how-brilliant-life-is” frequently, and Cam’s been busy doing all the things that have sat on his To Do list for the last three years. We know this is the honeymoon period (after all wedding season doesn’t truly kick off until April) and we are still finding our groove in this new life together; but like pieces of a puzzle, everything is fitting together quite perfectly.

Kirsten Mavric - Pen, I am so happy for you guys. This IS the dream, as you say, and you’ll have an amazing year, I just know it. I love you two.

Amma // Beyond Beyond - Reading this made me so happy, lovely doing something you love with someone you love :)

Debs - I am so, so happy for you both xx

Esmé - I love this so much — the words, of course, but paired with the image, and his facial expression, the steam. Just magical, and inspirational.