For a long time I’ve been conflicted about documenting my stories, and despite always having a great interest in memory keeping, there was always a nagging voice in my head that used to say, “What’s the point?” I guess part of me believed this sort of memory keeping was only about legacy, and as Cam and I don’t have children, it seemed almost narcissistic to want to document my own life for the sake of it. Maybe that’s why I started to make a living documenting other people’s lives.

Ironically it’s been taking pictures on one of the most important days of someone’s life though, that has made me realise how important the everyday life is. The days in between. The days we have most of, yet remember the least about. As I reflect on my last year through the images and words I have from the last 365 days, I am filled with gratitude and happiness from the images of the wonderful couples and special days we’ve captured; but I am saddened by the lack of stories I have from my own personal year. Sure, the highlights of our year have often been the weddings we photographed, but what about all the days in between? Truth be known, I was often attached to the computer editing said weddings, but surely there’s more to my life than the fabulous weddings we shoot?

2012 is going to be a crucial year for us. As business partners, as a married couple, and as individuals. We have some exciting plans for the business and it is important for us to continue growing. To do that we will be working together full time, and although I am so looking forward to this, it does mean we will have to find a new rhythm to dance between the lines of being colleagues, business partners, and a couple. Then, on a personal level, this is the year I want to step on the scales and love what I see, to have a home which rises to greet me, and to look at my work and be proud of myself. It is going to be a full and big year which totally excites me; but with great optimism and hope, comes great risk of failure and loss too. I know the stories over the next 365 days will become the fabric our life, and this time I want to make sure I capture as many of them as possible.

ed peers - You guys are gonna have the best 2012… it’s yours for the taking ;-)

xanthe - I always feel the in-between moments are just as important and often more special and unexpected. This year has a good feeling about it. Happy New Year Pen xxxx.

Declaring Intention

At the end of 2010, I wrote in large letters:
“2011 is our year to FLOURISH. I will flourish. Our business will flourish.”
It was not a quiet wish, but a bold statement.
It wasn’t something I was asking for, but rather, I was declaring a clear intention.
8 days into the new year, we booked our first destination wedding, and as 2011 drew to a close we had shot 35 celebrations, and flourished more than we could have imagined.
I don’t believe it’s a coincidence.
That is the power of intention.

So, as we stand on the threshold of a fresh new year, with huge professional and personal plans, I am ready to manifest even bigger and greater dreams. Because what I’ve learnt in 2011 is, dreams can come true.
(as long as you’re willing to work damn hard for it.)

Happy New Year.

It speaks to me

My grey Olivetti was my best friend. I can still feel the groove of her buttons underneath my fingers, and the gentle resistance I pushed through with every letter I typed. Thinking about her reminds me of time when life seemed so complicated yet was actually beautifully simple. She takes me back to being 13, a chubby version of my younger self, sobbing softly as I typed to Air Supply’s Here I Am. My first “manuscript” because I could do nothing but write a hundred versions of how my heart would never heal after Damien stopped calling. And although I giggle now at the teenage drama, she reminds me of a time when you couldn’t be anyone but yourself because you didn’t know how to be anyone but yourself.

Although she isn’t nearly as pretty, this image made me think of her.
I miss my Olivetti.

PS. This image is from the gorgeous home that is Sam and Joe’s. Pre-wedding shoot to follow soon.