Sneak Peek: Monsieur et Madame Mandart

Loved this wedding. Love. Love. Love!
More soon.

Dominique - Ohhh lovely, looking forward to seeing this one :)

Dasha - Ooooo! Looks like it’s going to be a pretty one! Look forward to seeing more! ;)

xanthe - so cute, i love pink & green colour combo! please show us more! x.

louise {bijouxbride} - Oh, now I’m intrigued!! This looks fab!

anna and the ring - Cannot wait to see more!

C’est formidable!

Marie - I was there and the whole thing was wonderful x

Fi & Al: Beloved Pre-Wedding Shoot

I love pre-wedding shoots, and now that we incorporate Beloved invitations into the session, I love the images we get even more. Hopefully our couples enjoy the experience a little more too; after all, very few people actually feel comfortable at a photo shoot, and I know couples often meet us with slight fear and trepidation about what the next 90 or so minutes will be like. However, when they leave, I hope they will reflect on the time we spent together as not only fun, but also meaningful (with the awkwardness of being in front a camera, the last thing on their list – if it’s there at all!)

Fi and Al really embraced the space that was created for them to just be with each other, and because of that, this session has some of my most favourite images.

Fi and Al are having an intimate family wedding in just over a week. You can see why we’re excited.

Anna Hardy - These are just beautiful! The last two give me goosebumps!!!

louise {bijouxbride} - I love the really close portrait shots, so intimate and full of love! Really gorgeous

Albert Palmer - Incredibly beautiful. Each photo is worth stopping to look at and enjoy.

Amber Fox - Beautiful work! I love the variety of compositions and how you really got close. It looks like they had a wonderful time.

Catherine - oh so lovely, the black & whites are beautiful

xanthe - Gorgeous, love love love the black n whites. Well done guys! x.

The Truth

Ira Glass on Storytelling from David Shiyang Liu on Vimeo.

I can’t remember where I first saw the link to this, but whenever and wherever it was, I remember it came at the right time.
I went to look for it today to share it with a friend, and thought I best post it here for the days when I need to be reminded of the truth.

xanthe - ahh yes this is good, saw it a while ago, but so important to hear again and again. x.

Michelle - So exactly where we are, so poignant Thanks Pen! Saved this for those moments of self doubt, impatience and despair!

Abi & Aled: St Paul’s and Dockmaster’s House London Wedding

When we first met Abi & Aled for their pre-wedding shoot back in May, I was struck by Abi’s natural style; so I was particularly excited about seeing what she had chosen to wear on this special day! Of course the amazing Ian Stuart dress was just perfect, and that was before I even saw Abi in it!

And her father’s expression in the moment he saw her, said it all. She looked stunning.

The boys had gathered at Ye Olde Cheshire Cheese, down the road from where the ceremony would take place, and it’s only…
St Paul’s Cathedral! I know! Cam and I are still excited by it; after all, not everyone is able to get married there!

Unfortunately they have very strict photography regulations in the Crypt, and Cam and I weren’t allowed to take photographs during the ceremony. Although I managed a sneaky shot of the first kiss. I mean, you have to have a shot of the first kiss, right?

Whilst everyone waited for the Routemaster which was to take them on to the reception, we took advantage of the iconic location and did some bridal portraits with Abi and Aled. I really loved it, as there were tourists taking pictures of them, and kind well wishers walking past shouting out their congratulations; it really added to the celebration. Strangers can be so warm and lovely. In fact, the shot below was taken in the moments after a stranger had released Abi’s veil after straightening it out for her (totally without prompting).

The reception was held at Dockmaster’s House, and having sampled the main meal, I can say it was possibly some of the yummiest curry I’ve had. Ever.

You can see more images of their fabulous day in a slideshow here.

Anneli Marinovich - Looks like a fab wedding and I love the first kiss shot – stealth mode and gorgeous! ;-) x

Jeanine Caron - dang! you guys are good. if i ever get married, you two are at the top of my list. love these shots. every single one of them.

Amma // Beyond Beyond - Absolutely gorgeous!

Dasha - Awww, they looks so sweet together! Love the chilled out feel to the wedding. Well done for going for the first kiss shot! x

Lisa - Gorgeous. Think they have to be my favourite first kiss shots ever!

Lucy Stendall - oh oh oh!!! Where do I start? The mood, the outfits, the venues, the processing. Clever clogs strikes again. I love xxx

anna and the ring - A seriously cute wedding. Love your take on it.

Yay for the sneaky crypt pic!

xanthe - Beautifully done guys, all of it, I especially love the shot of them kissing on the stairs! x.

Spencer Lum - Lovely images. I really enjoyed them.

Sneak Peeks!

I’m afraid despite my best intentions, the blog has been a little neglected of late, but here’s a little taster of what we’ve been up to in the last three weeks, and what eye candy there is to come soon!

Dominique - Oh my so so beautiful, all of them!

Catherine - Oh so much goodness to come – love these sneak peeks!

joanna brown - can’t wait to see these x

louise {bijouxbride} - So much love in these images!

Scott McKenzie - Awesome, stunning. I could look at your photos all day. You have a real talent. The raw emotion captured in these shots is brilliant.

Tamara - Oh my, that second one (b&w) is wonderful.