I want to live by the sea…

This weekend saw our first seaside wedding (sneak peek tomorrow!)
So Cam and I travelled down the day before and got there just in time to spend the last couple of hours of the day swooning and sighing at the sight of the sea.

One day we will live by the sea.

sas - yes. the sea. xxx

Jenny - Looks gorgeous, so jealous!

Emma & Julien: London Beloved Pre-Wedding Shoot

You know how when you meet some people, and you just get on? Well Emma and Julien are exactly those kinds of people. We met at Patisserie Valerie which was the perfect place to get to know each other over coffee and yummy pastries, and the more we got to know Emma and Julien, the more excited we got about their big day.

Although we could have stayed and chatted with them all day, we decided to take advantage of a break in the weather and ventured out into the busy streets around London’s Spitalfields market. However, despite being a colourful and vibrant backdrop, we soon found ourselves in a little park around the corner from the markets where Emma and Julien could relax and enjoy a space just being in each other’s company. It was then that I realised, for us, a Beloved pre-wedding shoot is really about capturing the couple and the location is actually secondary to this. After all, when you have a gorgeous couple like this, who cares what’s going on in the background!

Roll on August is all I can say!

Dominique - Beautiful Pen.

Lisa - Just love these images. So relaxed.


We went to see Bridesmaids tonight, and when this song came on, I had to stop myself from singing out loud.
I loved this song when it first came out, just wish I had known the moves the Bridesmaids had!

xanthe - shhhhhhh, me too, I loved this song too x.

Juliet McKee - I got so excited when they came on as well and have been playing this and singing along at home! Brings back great memories.