Claire & Scott: Sheffield pre-wedding shoot

One of the reasons I think I love this job so much is because I just adore a good love story.  Seriously, it’s life affirming stuff.

Usually the first time we hear about how our couples met is at the pre-wedding shoot, and I always look forward to this, because I am never disappointed.  These guys were no exception, in fact Claire and Scott’s love story blew me away, it’s like a movie!

It all started over a decade ago when Claire was working in a pizza place with Scott’s best friend. She didn’t know him, but his best woman had a copy of his poetry which he was selling at the time in local pubs. Claire used to read this, hunched over the counter “listening to Suede,” and unbeknownst to Scott, she was falling in love with him through his words… So romantic!

It wasn’t until 10 years later, when she was visiting her parents for Christmas, and Scott was visiting his a mile down the road, that their paths crossed physically in the old local. They got talking, and although Scott didn’t know who she was, she knew him and said, “You write poetry, don’t you? You’re Scott.” Taken aback, Scott said yes, but that he wrote poetry, in the past tense. Claire said that was a shame, and much to Scott’s surprise, quoted a line he had written all those years ago… Seriously! How romantic?

A beautiful long distance relationship ensued, until they finally moved in together a few years ago, and the love story continues… Really. Wait till you hear the proposal story!

When I sent Claire and Scott the details for their online gallery, I just wanted to check it was okay for me to share their story on the blog, and that I had my facts correct.  Scott, who is a writer I might add, responded graciously, and this totally sums it up for me; so in his words…

When I wrote that poetry as a skinny, bespectacled, Smiths-loving seventeen-year-old, I had hopes of some beautiful girl finding me in a pub and quoting my own poetry back to me. It took ten years, but it happened in the end. I don’t believe in destiny, but I do believe in romance. How could a relationship fail with a start like that?

Indeed. Isn’t it beautiful? 
Aren’t they beautiful!


As we were finishing up the shoot, the heavens opened.  Literally.  In a space of 5 minutes we were all utterly and totally soaked through.  But did these guys mind?  Not at all, in fact they stayed out in the rain so that I could capture these rain shots I’ve always imagined in my head…  Impromptu and spontaneous, these are some of my favourite shots, ever!  And next time the grey clouds loom?  I say, bring it on!


Thanks Claire and Scott for being such a fabulous couple.  Your wedding is going to be awesome, and we can’t wait to see you again.

xanthe - Kissing in the rain is pure magic :)

Sam (the best woman) - Reading that just moved me to tears. And the photos are just beautiful, as are you both xxx

Kirsten Mavric - Aw, I love these and I love the story x

Charley | London Bride - I’m not sure how I’ve never seen this before, such an adorable and but THAT B&W shot literally made me well up. Stunning, romantic, passionate and beautiful. xo

Sneaky Peek: Jo & Jon (and our first exploration into Beloved)

This wasn’t a full Beloved shoot, but it was our first intentional foray into the world of Beloved, and the difference in the images we captured and the connection between them was clear.

More to come soon…

sabrina - gorgeous! indeed you did capture the connection between them, beautiful work!

xanthe - So excited for you, this is gorgeous. Can’t wait to see more x. xox

Emma - I know these two. They are as lovely as they look! xx

sas - oh this is stunning xxx

KG - I would like to see more please :-)

Happy Friday

Okay, so I was a little worried I had started with a week of gratitudes that was going to be hard to live up to, but I don’t know – this last week has been pretty damn good!

I should make a point of writing something about each day in my diary, as I’ve already forgotten what we got up to on Saturday… but I recall Sunday, and that was a good day.  I won’t go into too much detail here, as I’ll save it for the blog post to come, but on Sunday we met up with Claire and Scott.  As I’ve mentioned before, sometimes meeting couples for the pre-wedding shoot is the first time we actually “meet” them, and with that comes a certain amount of apprehension (for me anyway).  So I’m definitely grateful for how fabulous Claire and Scott are, and their love story… seriously, it bought tears to my eyes.  In fact, double gratitude for reminding me why I am so lucky to do this for a job!

On Sunday we also picked up a referral from Lucy Wallace, and big thanks to her (I hope you feel better), as it resulted in an opportunity to photograph my first Sofreh Aghd on Wednesday.   I hope I will get a chance to share some images of that here at a later date, but for now let me just say it was a beautiful, yet fun, ceremony which I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to document and share.

Tuesday morning had me totally inspired after listening to the first Beloved web seminar series, and has ignited something in Cam which I’ve never seen before.  The excitement we feel about what this means for us as photographers, and how we do our work, is… well, beyond words at the moment; but I’ve tried to articulate it a little here.  Gratitude in buckets to Jesh.

I also want to say a special thanks to George at Juniper Animals for her sweet and unexpected post about me.  It really made my Monday evening and reminded me to take time to be grateful for the friendships I have.

And speaking of friendships,  love and thanks also to dear Leonie whose thoughtful gift (above) arrived moments after a difficult phonecall and completely balanced out any negativity I was feeling.  That’s the power of good friends, even remotely they can weave magic.

So a pretty good week as far as I am concerned, and already the excitment mounts for the weekend, as we are meeting Jo and Jon tomorrow morning and old friends for a picnic on Sunday…  and omg, I can’t forget to thank Mr Sunshine for this awesome weather!

Happy Friday, and I hope you have lots to be grateful for this week too!  And because it’s always good to end with something a little tantalising, here’s another sneak peek of Claire and Scott’s pre-wedding shoot coming to a blog near you next week…

Totally inspired

“While the beginning of a journey together certainly deserves celebration, as the journey continues, each additional step is an achievement worth celebrating – just as much, if not more.”
- Beloved, The Dream

I briefly wrote about my thoughts on Beloved after watching Jesh de Rox’s preview talk a couple of weeks ago. Since then I have signed up for the web seminar series, and earlier this week, watched the first session.

Totally inspired doesn’t do justice to how I feel about the concept of Beloved, and I am so excited about finding a direction for our business which not only compliments what we currently do, but also helps us evolve. I love shooting weddings, and I hope that we get to continue shooting weddings for a long, long time. But it is neither weddings nor photography which drives our business, and although we enjoy both immensely, I always felt something bigger propelling us…

Rewind 3 years.

I don’t know if you’ve had moments or periods like this, when the bitter taste of dissatisfaction lingers, and you become slightly desperate to try and find a way to get rid of it? I have; and I spent hours (actually years) foraging on the World Wide Web looking for the answer(s). Yet I always ended up at the same point: “follow your passion.” Problem was I couldn’t work out what my passion was. I thought it had to be something concrete, like painting or drawing, or a calling to save the World or heal sick puppies (actual puppies, not the band.)  I had neither.  All I really wanted was to work for myself and hang out with Cam.

All I really wanted was to work for myself and hang out with Cam.
Can I call that a passion?
Hell yeah.

Cam is my passion, and luckily for me, I am his.
All we want to do is work for ourselves and hang out with each other.
I found my passion when I found Cam.

Fast forward to…

So it’s true what they say, follow your passion, and the rest will follow.  Without really planning it as such, we now find ourselves building a business around this very concept. We get to spend our our time, together, capturing others on one of the most important and memorable days of their lives; when they choose to hang out with the one they love forever. How cool is that? Very.

Yet I still felt there was a missing ingredient…

Beloved helped me see what it was, because the wedding is actually just the beginning of the story. For me, our wedding day will always be one of the happiest days of my life. A dream come true. However, what’s sometimes taken for granted is, I am lucky enough to be living the dream every day (I have been for the last 10 years, and I hope to for at least another 60 more!)   Beloved is an ongoing way to celebrate that; by not only inviting, but creating a space for couples to remember the utter magic they have, just by having each other.   It makes me giddy to think about capturing this deeper connection (not to mention hopefully seeing some of our married couples again too!) and although it’s going to take us a little while to find our own groove within the concept of Beloved, I hope you will share this journey with me. I have a really strong feeling it’s going to be a good one.

Lucy Stendall - I love the pictures of Cam’s parents you’ve used to illustrate this piece and I look forward to seeing/hearing more about your Beloved project x

Jenny - These beach pictures are really beautiful.

And if I could find a job where I hung out with my man all day I’d quit my job and jump to it in a millisecond!


Benedict & Helen: Cambridge pre-wedding shoot


Benedict and Helen were our first confirmed booking for 2011, so they’ve held a special place in our hearts from the outset, and I was super keen to finally meet them and put faces to the names. It’s quite funny actually, as there is no geographical limit to the area we cover, often times couples book us before we’ve had a chance to meet in person; so this first meeting is a little like going on a blind date. In fact Cam and I actually got to Cambridge a little earlier in the day, and as we wandered around the city (which is stunning by the way,) we kept pointing out couples to each other and going, “it could be them” or “do you think it’s them?”

When it finally came time to meet up, thankfully Benedict and Helen found us. Oh my, what do I say about these two gorgeous people? Well yes, there’s that to begin with! We just fell in love with the style they had, the old school GI vibe about Benedict which just contrasted so beautifully with the demure style of Helen. Love, love, love!

Over coffee they shared a few details about their big day which literally made me squeel with delight, and as we meandered through the city we found a few quiet spots where Helen and Benedict could sneak a kiss or two (and we could catch a glimpse of the love between them). In between ‘kiss-stops’ they shared some of their story with us, confirming that good-old-fashioned romance is alive and well.


Roll on July!! Thanks Benedict and Helen, see you there…

Dominique - These are lovely, they look so happy. I love the wide shot of the river. I have an engagement shoot there this summer; maybe I should get my couple on a boat!

Andrea Ellison Photography - I just love the attention you give to your images even after you have taken them …the PP is fab ….. LOVE <3