More invitations!

I have to say, I LOVE getting mail, and getting creative invites like the ones that have popped through our letter box recently, truly makes my day!

Today, I wanted to share Claire & Adam‘s invite with you which I have to say is totally “them” and tells their story in… 101 fonts. We’ve only had the opportunity to hang out with these guys for a couple of hours so far, but even in that short time, we can hear Adam’s voice come through the words, and I can recall Claire telling me snippets of this story. This is going to be one fun wedding!

card by BigMan Designs

Adam and Claire met in Bristol.
At University… no not the clever one.
Love blossomed one rainy night under an umbrella.

A: Orate duck?
C: You Whaaat?

Adam dithered. Claire was suspicious of northerners but eventually agreed to go on a date:
It worked… kind of. Claire took her flatmate with her.

But things went well = less dithering, less suspicion.

She began to like his weird friends and bad (very bad) dancing at Steam Rock nightclub.
He learned to love frozen vegetables with Chicken Tonight and Eddie Izzard’s back catalogue.

Due to differing levels of studiousness, Claire finished Uni first.
Long distance relationship – sucks.

Bristol to London (via First Great Western)

Adam eventually found campus and graduated –
Catch 22: where will the couple reunite?

Stoke (no jobs, no prospects) vs London (jobs but no oatcakes)

Adam decided to leave his beloved Stoke for a peerage at the House of Lords with Baroness Little.

The time soon came to – live in a shoe box, purchase crockery, become Margo & Jerry

Another 5 years passed sharing soggy trips to Glastonbury and exposing limited DIY ability (Help Mr Little, help!)

After a decade together, a question kept popping up: When will you guys get married?
A: Nah, I don’t know, ummmm….

[Lightbulb moment]

Cue long convoluted tale about a free work trip to Paris;
before an actual trip to Brent Cross to catch the Easybus to Luton (romantic trip to Berlin did follow!)

Pop the question. Yes the answer.
Now delighted th big day is here…

And WE get to capture it.
Sheesh, we’re lucky.

Thanks guys for the invite and letting us share the story.
Can’t wait to see you again in all your finery.

Sas & Ash: London pre-wedding shoot


I adore Sas. Truly. Madly. Deeply. If you want to lose yourself in some intelligent banter, you should go and check out her blog where she writes with wit and insight like no one I know. So when she asked us to photograph Ash and her big day, it was the biggest compliment. Ever.

Together, Sas and Ash are the most easy going and relaxed people you will meet. It’s almost as if they are cast from the same mould. They actually share a history (in time and places) before they eventually met properly; maybe that’s why there’s a certain sense of knowing between them.

We love you guys, and Ash, special thanks to you for being such an amazing sport and totally indulging us with the shoot (these PJs in bed with the Sunday morning papers will always be some of our favourite shots)


There’s a lot of love between these guys, and I love these kisses…


So when Sas emailed me after looking at the online gallery and said, “Somehow you see us as I see us, and you manage to capture the essence of our relationship in these beautiful images” it completely made my day, and then, when she blogged about it here; it made my weekend!


We are so lucky to call these two wonderful people, friends.

Sas' Magical Mystery Tour - [...] Penny has some more photos on her blog :) Nomenclature: muriel,the paramour | 9 Bantering Wittily Share [...]

sas - you are the first couple we have invited into our bedroom with a camera ;)
we love you both very much xxx

ps: please advise Cam that the purchase of the bbq is imminent!

Michael - AMAZING!

lisa field-elliot - fantastic. i love these so much. xoxoox

Happy Friday


A little while back I attempted to start a daily gratitude album, but failed miserably (I don’t think I even made it past January!) However it’s something I truly believe in, so here’s the next best thing, a weekly gratitude post!

And what a week to start with; I have so much I am thankful for this week…

On Saturday the new series of So You Think You Can Dance started. I love that programme. Love, love, LOVE! Then on Sunday we went to Cambridge for a pre-wedding shoot (oh my, I feel like an Oxford traitor saying this, but Cambridge is gorgeous!) where, after 6 months of correspondance, we finally met Benedict and Helen. They are even lovelier than we could have hoped for and a total dream to photograph. Can’t wait to share some images with you next week! It’s no secret we love pre-wedding shoots, and I plan to blog more about that in the near future. In the meantime however, reading this, made my heart swell.

On Monday, Amanda and David’s initimate handfasting was featured on Rock n Roll Bride which is such a treat; not least because I know Amanda drew a lot of inspiration from Kat‘s site, so to be a featured bride herself means a lot. Then on Wednesday I met and had brunch with Eliza. Eliza is fabulous, if you don’t already know, and being able to just hang out for a couple of hours talking shop and stuff was awesome. Eliza wrote a great post about the surprising yet invaluable friendship amongst your peers, and I certainly got a taste for it now. Thanks Eliza!

To continue with my sociable thread this week, on Thursday I met up with Xanthe Berkeley who I just adored from the moment I met her. The few hours we had together seemed to fly by, and I am already hoping to see her again soon; after all we didn’t even begin to talk about all the other stuff we had planned (e.g. Brene!) Finally, to cap off an already great day, Abbie and Rob’s wedding was featured on the fabulous Love My Dress.

I fear next week will have a lot to live up to!

In the meantime here’s a sneak peek of what’s to come on the blog next week…

undefinedSas and Ash’s intimate London pre-wedding shoot (it’s actually Badger’s birthday today! Happy Birthday Badger)

undefinedBenedict and Helen’s beautiful Cambridge pre-wedding shoot

jeanine - what a great post! can’t wait to see sas and ash’s photoshoot. and i do love me that miss berkeley. i met her last year and she is such a darling, indeed.

xanthe - Happy Friday lovely! yes, yesterday whizzed by, and I was thinking on the tube back how there was so much we didn’t talk about, considering we actually talked for hours! Can’t wait for next time, let’s set a date? Have a great weekend. These shoots look great, especially looking forward to the Sunday morning papers one. x.

The Invitation

Today’s wedding is a creative playground where you can really let your imagination and creativity run wild, and having talked with many a bride (and groom!), I appreciate how much thought and care goes into the little details that make up the big day. For guests, the first taste they usually get of what lies ahead is from the invitation, and I had a little sampling of that myself today.

Although Cam and I currently work out of Oxford, because we shoot all over the country and abroad, we often have couples booking us before we actually have the opportunity to meet in person. Joey and Jon are such a couple, and they were both in Australia when we confirmed; in fact we still haven’t met them in “real life” yet (their pre-wedding shoot is in a couple of weeks). So when we received this gorgeous invite in the post for Jon and Joey’s wedding this morning, it was a little insight into not just the big day ahead but the kind of couple they are. It’s easy, when you see this, to understand why we get excited about what lies ahead, right?


I love the little details, like the luggage labels and stickers for the RSVP and menu selection.

RSVP luggage labels

Just divine, Jo; I seriously can’t wait to meet you!

Lucy Stendall - Was there a spare invite in their for meeee?!! I know exactly what you mean. If this is just the invitation, what the heck are they going to be doing for the wedding?! Love it (and am slightly jealous…but in a kind friendly way I promise!) xxx

Jenny - This is an amazing invitation, love it so much! Especially the stickers!

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