Although the feelings and memories of your wedding day will live on forever in your minds eye, the only physical reminder you will have in the years to come, are the photographs; so we appreciate why this is such an important decision for you.

We are without doubt, first and foremost photographers, however we also believe moving images and the sounds of the day can go a long way in bringing the images to life, particularly some time down the line, when your own memories may become a little foggy. We are not videographers, and if you would like a feature film made of your wedding, we are more than happy to recommend some excellent people who can help you with that; but if you are looking for something a little more informal, something which doesn’t mean your guests will be surrounded by potentially 4 people and 8 cameras, then we have just the solution for you.

Our moving images and photography slideshow is a new offering and this gives you not just a fabulous collection of images at the end of your day, but also a slideshow combining those images with moving footage and audio from the day (you can see our recent examples here). You will also receive the full audio files along with your images, so 10 years later, if you want to hear one of the speeches again, or the emotion in your voice as you said I do; you can.

Our prices start at £1550 and if you would like any more information, please email us at or fill in the contact form via this site for our brochure.

We are also happy to provide a bespoke quotation for creative DIY couples who may have a more restricted budget to work with. So if you are having a homespun wedding and/or midweek celebration, please feel free to write and tell us a little more about yourselves, your special day, and what you are looking for!